Internet Speed Test

Test your maximum upload and download speed with the global internet speed test for WAN broadband internet connections.

What does the internet speed test do?

The internet speed test for WAN broadband internet connections, tests the maximum upload and download speed of your internet connection, including the ping response time and jitter, based on geolocation to the nearest global test server.

Are you having problems with a slow WAN, slow broadband internet or a slow VPN?

Then you might need to consider software-defined WAN (SD-WAN). ICG Asia SD-WAN is offered as a service, which can be activated instantly to remote users and cloud data centers, with on-site deployments within 48-hours to almost anywhere in the world.

Delivered as-a-service, replacing existing Routers, Firewalls, IPS, Load Balancers, URL Filtering, and VPN appliances. Reduce the cost of MPLS by ~50%. Improve internet speed. Optimize applications like Office 365, Teams, Zoom, and SAP. Remove the technical debt of procuring, managing, and securing the network.

Enable the future of remote work

Enable the future of remote work with ICG Asia SD-WAN. The majority of workers are now no longer in the office, but working remotely from home where the security, latency and internet speed are no longer under the control of the business.

ICG Asia SD-WAN addresses the uncertainty of remote workers, through over 50 global PoPs, bringing the VPN connection closer to the end-user, rather than a few limited locations available from IT. All without the need for firewalls, IPS and VPN concentrators.

All the security, routing, firewalls, IPS, VPN and web filtering is built into the SD-WAN service, with identity aware tracking via Active Directory. So you know exactly who is accessing your network, can define policies for what they can do, even if that's for users working from home.

Share Files Securely Anywhere

ICG Asia's secure remote file sharing allows you to enable your staff D: drive and file shares to be cached locally on their device, syncing only compressed delta changes across the WAN. Local cache allows offline access, whilst file locking and versioning ensures consistency, free from version conflict of multiple users accessing the same data.

Replace expensive MPLS with secure broadband

With the majority of staff now working from home, there is no better time to assess replacing your expensive MPLS connection with a lower cost secure business broadband connection.

When staff eventually migrate back to the office, you can dynamically increase the connection speed, without buying new equipment or redesigning the WAN architecture. You can load balance multiple internet connections, combining the bandwidth of up-to 3 broadband connections, for increased internet speed and redundancy of multiple service providers.

We've prepared an online SD-WAN price calculator to help guide your research and you can learn more about What is SD-WAN over at the ICG Asia blog.

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