With a risk-based view of your entire environment from on-premises to the cloud. ICG Asia quickly identifies, investigates and prioritizes vulnerabilities for our clients.

Managed in the cloud and powered by the industry's most comprehensive vulnerability scanning technology, with the ability to predict which security issues to remediate first. ICG Asia offers you a complete end-to-end vulnerability management solution.

Discover Threats

Active scanning, agents, passive monitoring, cloud connectors and CMDB integrations provide unified visibility and a continuous view of all of your assets—both known and previously unknown.

Assess Vulnerabilities

With coverage for more than 55,000 vulnerabilities, ICG Asia leverages the industry’s most extensive CVE and security configuration support to help you understand all of your exposures.

Prioritize Remediation

Combine vulnerability data, threat intelligence and data science for easy-to-understand risk scores to quickly assess risk and know which vulnerabilities to fix first.

Streamline Compliance Reporting

Stay compliant with immediate visibility into your compliance posture. Easily demonstrate adherence with predefined checks against industry standards and regulatory mandates.

Start with a Cyber Security Maturity Assessment (CSMA) from ICG Asia's experts today.

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With a risk-based view of your entire environment from on-premises to the cloud. ICG Asia quickly identifies, investigates and prioritizes vulnerabilities for our clients.
ICG Asia offers a fully-managed, on-premises, pay as you go, storage service, that eliminates technological, operational and financial risk.
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