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For a customised Storage as a Service (STaaS) price estimate including 200TB and above, please book a time to discuss how ICG Asia can help your organisation with pay for what you use on-premise storage.

Are you looking for a new SAN, NAS or Object Storage?

Want to pay per month, and only pay for what you use? Then you might need to consider ICG Asia Storage as a Service (STaaS). You can pay per month and only pay for what you use.

Virtual Private Storage Arrays

Virtual Private Storage Arrays provide file, block and object services that transparently scale-up and scale-out, to optimize for dynamic requirements.

Scale up by adding compute, memory, or capacity resources to existing VPSAs. Scale out by adding new VPSAs to your on-premise ICG Asia STaaS service.

Leverage a VPSA cluster for multiple mixed workloads from high performance databases, to virtualization, file sharing, and long-term backup retention. Pay only for what you use on a monthly basis.

Block Fiber Channel support is great for VMs and Databases, native CIFS SMB is great for consolidating Windows File Servers and NAS appliances, whilst Object Storage is a great for backups such as Veeam Scale-Out Backup Repository (SOBR). A single VPSA cluster can mix resources for File, Block and Object, without requiring physical nodes for each protocol.

All Virtual Private Storage Arrays eliminate single points-of-failure and are provisioned with dedicated resources to ensure high availability and predictable performance while maximizing privacy and security.

All-Flash VPSAs

ICG Asia All-Flash VPSAs are ideal for applications and use cases that demand very high sustained performance at a compelling price point. Unlike storage offerings from leading cloud service providers, ICG Asia’s All-Flash VPSAs put the control, benefits, and economics of combining all-flash performance with data reduction directly into the hands of users.

Hybrid VPSAs

Hybrid VPSAs provide large scale hard disk-based capacity with 10TB and 14TB drives. Optionally, Hybrid VPSAs can utilize solid state disks (SSDs) as an adjustable “flash cache” to accelerate storage performance. Flash and HDD hybrid configurations deliver an optimum balance of performance and economics for many applications. Maximize capacity and tune performance to align with application requirements.

VPSA Overview

Get an overview of the ICG Asia VPSA architecture that enables on-premise Storage as a Service (STaaS).


Share Files Securely Anywhere

ICG Asia's secure remote file sharing allows you to enable your staff D: drive and file shares to be cached locally on their device, syncing only compressed delta changes across the WAN. Local cache allows offline access, whilst file locking ensures consistency, free from version conflict of multiple users accessing the same data. Backup is built-in, so you'll never have to backup your NAS or File Server again. You can host on-prem for compliance or in the cloud for efficiency.

Checkout the ICG Asia Storage page for more details or learn more about what is STaaS over at the ICG Asia blog.

Data Protection

Learn how ICG Asia STaaS enables data protection with snapshots, replication and high availability.

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